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You might be like we were, jumping around trying different methods, working hours and hours but getting nowhere.  You might not have big $$$$ to invest.  Maybe you think there is no possible way to build a massive online business?


Let us show you what worked for us, what almost no one is doing, and why it will work for you.

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In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • What is a Twitter Chat

    “Twitter Chats” are special events organized on Twitter, and we will show you how and why it’s the right time to jump on them.

  • What Benefits do They Offer

    On our guide you will find 4 huge benefits of participating or creating a Twitter Chat. They are incredible for you and your company.

  • Over 600 Chats to Participate

    We have done all of the research and found more than 600 chats that are available to you that cover internet marketing and many more topics of interest!

  • How to Participate in a Twitter Chat

    The best ways to participate in a chat, and the top three software programs you can use to make your experience a lot more easy!

  • How to Setup Your Twitter Chat

    In this chapter you will learn the 7 big steps you must take care of to run your first Twitter chat! It will be an incredible experience!

  • How to Get Free Traffic

    To get people on your chat, we have shared the top 5 steps that will ensure you get a huge following starting with your very first event.

Twitter is one of the last social networks

that allows you to post affiliate and

internet marketing links as well.

So why not taking advantage of it with




If you have an online or offline business, Twitter Chats will help in a big way. Take advantage of them starting from the day you grab this guide. Once you learn the techniques to use them, you will get a lot of people interested in them - the same people that will buy your products, support you and follow you in everything you do.

It’s fantastic to see how some chats have become famous and are now a melting pot of people coming from all over the world to share advice, to participate and collect new information. We have been following Twitter Chats for quite some time now and we never cease to be amazed by this system. The opportunities they afford you are more valuable than the price of this product, and you will be able to see results extremely fast once you both organize your first chat and start participating in chats organized by others.

We developed this product because we continuously received questions on how to work with the chats, how to use chat hashtags, how to record chats, how to make the process easy and so on, and finally we decided it was the right time for everyone to jump on this huge trend.

While others are still wondering if Twitter Chats are good,

Twitter has grown and it's one of the best resources

to grow your business to a whole new level!


Bonus 1 - Hashtag Marketing Ninja

The best hashtag resource guide you can find on web, offered by my dear friend Dave Lynch as an exclusive bonus for our product. 5o+ pages of incredible information!

Bonus 2 - Essential Twitter Techniques

If you are new to Twitter, and you never used it before, with this guide you will learn a lot of tips and tricks to use it like a professional!

Bonus 2 - Twitter for Internet Marketers

This is a guide specifically designed for internet marketers, to understand what Twitter can do to help you in your daily business.


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If you are not happy with your purchase, you have 3 (three) full days to ask a refund. Just send me a message via the email address you find inside the eBook, and I will adjust things for you!


Thanks so much and see you on the inside!
Alessandro Zamboni & Candace Chira

P.S. Even if 95% of internet marketers are using Twitter incorrectly, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good network. When used correctly, Twitter Chats will turn you into a powerhouse Twitter user!

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